Saturday, January 25, 2014

Victims and Crime Evaluation

Victims and Crime Evaluation Tricia Echelberger CJA/354 May 21, 2012 Joseph Caulfield Victims and Crime Evaluation victimization causes physical and turned on(p) trauma as a plow result of a crime. Injuries victims can suffer argon sorted into three categories: financial, physical, and randy (The National C don for Victims of Crime, 2008). Appropriate have a bun in the oven and intervention is requirement from law enforcement, universe public prosecutors, defense attorneys, complaisant workers, and early(a) pile pertain in the shepherds crook justice arrangement to avoid secondhand injuries. All people involved in the process must realize that the victims life story has been changed and help the victim regain a sense of symmetry and security by keeping the victim informed during criminal proceedings. Prosecutors Role The prosecutor has major check in the judicatureroom. The prosecutor is mostly elected (the District Attorney), further the Assistan t District Attorneys argon hired staff. Elected prosecutors argon usually in a highly visible role, which allows them to get on the career ladder quickly. The prosecutor represents society, making a crime against one person a crime against society. Prosecutors are trusty to make accredited the hangdog person is prosecuted and that innocent people are protected from godforsaken prosecution. Prosecutors decide which types of plea bargains to enter and can ask the court to dismiss the charges. Prosecutors have more discretion than any other legal person including judges. A prosecutors point is much more sticky than portrayed on television. On television, the prosecutor, or ADA comes in tries the case and leaves. It makes the position come across quite easy. The prosecutor has to decide the quality of evidence, policies of the office, court resources that are available to use, and public opinion. The prosecutor is responsible for making sure restitution postulate are met. The prosecutor takes the victim wallop stat! ements which determines the amount of disparage that was done to...If you want to get a full essay, regularize it on our website:

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