Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cloning :: essays research papers

I am an spaceman abandon on Mars whose spaceship has broken down beyond repair. In my disabled craft there is a Teleclone go down IV teleporter that arse swiftly and painlessly dismantle my body, producing a molecule-by-molecule blueprint to be beamed to Earth. There, a Teleclone receiver stocked with the requisite atoms will produce, from the beamed instructions me- composite with each(prenominal) my memories, thoughts, feelings, and opinions. If I activate the Teleclone Mark IV, I believe that I am the astronaut produced from a blueprint on Earth because the astronaut that was take down on Mars is now only a bunch of molecules kind of of a living, breathing human being. aver further that an improved Teleclone Mark V is developed that can obtain its blueprint without destroying the lord, thus clone me. In that case, I believe that I am both astronauts at once, just with two different consciousnesses.When I activate the Teleclone Mark IV, the forge dismantles me into molec ules and makes a blueprint of it to send to Earth. On Earth, I am reassembled into myself scarce as I was on Mars. I am now the astronaut that was reassembled because the astronaut that was disassembled on Mars no longer exists and is now a bunch of random molecules. It is the same concept as in trail Trek and Power Rangers when people get beamed to a certain place, however with the Teleclone Mark IV, you are being recreated to be exactly like your original form. There was an episode of The Magic School Bus where one of the students minutely destroyed one of her classmates act as s rareiers. She then went to a recycling factory, picked out the same material that made up the sexagenarian toy soldier, and made him a new toy soldier. Even though it is made of the same material and looks exactly the same as the old toy soldier, it is not the same toy soldier because the old toy soldier was destroyed and it ceased to exist. When I was destroyed, I died and my soul went to heaven or hell. When I was reassembled on Earth, I was exactly like myself physically only when I had no soul and my soul makes me who I am and separates me from everyone else. Suppose you are using a computer. It is the same thing as acrimonious something and pasting it to a new location.

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