Friday, March 15, 2019

Mobile Maintenance Management Essay -- condition monitoring, mobile com

Since the early 2000s the manufacturing patience has trended towards employing hinderive maintenancemethodologies in production areas in order to halt a competitive advantage. Industries have useda process called condition monitoring to identify critical equipment parameters such(prenominal) as temperature,vibration and visual inspection characteristics such as leaks and abnormal noise to predict andprevent mechanical failure. This process moves the concept of maintenance away from a tactical maneuverof fail and fix to an optimal come along of predict and prevent. This approach saves time,money and resources by providing companies with a conditioned-based status of critical operationalequipment, and so promotes optimal repair, downtime and shut-down planning.To accurately capture condition-based equipment information, a data asset order of battle arranging is used.This system usually consists of a front-end mobile device such as a hand-held and a back-end data storage syst em i.e. SQL database server. Due to the hazardous environments present in many operational areas of manufacturing plants, the handheld devices used by field operators to capture data have to be intrinsically sealed to prevent explosions. This intrinsically respectable characteristic is referred to in industry as Class I Division(Div.) 1 and until recently was circumscribed to rugged smaller handheld type devices. Within the past year, manufacturers in the oil industry have developed and certified intrinsically safe covers for both android and iPad tablets. This development has opened a new bridle-path for condition-monitoring data collection with tablets, which provide several advantages over the typically decline performing handhelds. These advantages include a larger scree... ... IOS and Android platforms. These resolutions will issuance in the widespread use of tablets in hazardous industry areas.whole kit and boodle CitedA. Arnaiz, C. Emmanouilidis, B. Iung and E. J antunen. Mobile maintenance management. Journal of International Technology and Information counsel 15(4), pp. 11. 2006. Available https//login.ezproxy.etsu.edu3443/login?url=http// Jolle Courrech, and Ronald L. Eshleman. Condition monitoring of machinery. Shock and Vibration Handbook. McGraw-Hill (1995).C. Emmanouilidis, S. Katsikas and C. Giordamlis. tuner condition monitoring and maintenance management A review and a novel application development platform. Presented at Proceedings of the 3rd knowledge domain Congress on Engineering Asset Management and Intelligent nutrition Systems Conference (WCEAM-IMS 2008). 2008,.

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