Thursday, March 28, 2019

Comparing Two Poems about Prejudice Essay -- Wole Soyinka U.A. Fanthor

Comparing ii Poems about PrejudiceThe poesys Telephone Conversation, by Wole Soyinka and You Will BeHearing From Us Shortly, by U A Fanthorpe ar both about prepossess.The former poem is to do with racial prejudice and the latter is to dowith social prejudice. The two poems argon different in many ways. Thefirst poem is an application for accommodation and the second poem isa job interview. Soyinkas poem is a Dialogue within a monologue whereas Fanthorpes poem is just a monologue. Also the tones are differentthe former poem has a shocking tone to starting line with but a mocking tonetowards the end, while the other poem is extremely rude. Thecharacters in the former poem are a snow-clad landlady and a black man andthe characters in the latter poem are an interviewer and a possibleinterviewee the genders are unknown which helps highlight the factthat this prat happen to anyone.The language in both poems is easy to understand neither have manydifficult words and only Soyinkas po em substance abuses metaphors and similes.The poems use questions for emphasis as well as for ...

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