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Essay on Augustine's City of God Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

On Augustines City of perfection - Essay ExampleAugustine alike says that on the emission of the metropolis, it was not uncommon for all invaders including roman letterss and Greeks to do the same this included the likes of Ulysses, Phoenix and Diomede. For this reason, the sacking of Rome was not something that could be blamed on Christians but was instead a common exercise that was part of war (I, 2). The Visigoths and other European barbarian tribes had grown in strength over the age and they raided Rome in 410 under King Alaric. Feelings of resentment had too genuine among the poorer population of Rome collectible to high inflation rates and lack of political representation since the position of councilor was hereditary. These factors had therefore weakened the conglomerate of Rome internally and when the time came that the Visigoths invaded it was not the strong empire it had been in previous years. Prior to the invasion, Christians were already universe viewed with s uspicion and had been barred from working in high ranking offices, the view that they were to blame for the generate of Rome therefore came as a natural expectation as a scapegoat was necessary. Lucretia was a woman who was believed to have been raped and out of guilt she perpetrate suicide. Augustine uses the rape of Lucretia as an example to adduce to teach Christianity about Chastity. Augustine says that and anyone who is forced to have sexual relations and does not consent to them has not committed a sin. A woman should however not commit suicide for such an act being committed on them, as it will bar them from entering the kingdom of God. The story of Lucretia has never been confirm as an event that actually happened but remains a significant story that relates to the establishment of the papist Empire. Lucretias suicide is what led people to revolt and remove the old establishment and thus symbolized what the Roman Empire stood for respect for all irrespective of gender or social class. The story did however also show that the Roman Empire was established as a patriarchy as the men greyback in vengeance of a woman who overwhelmed by shame could not muster the courage to anticipate living her life and relied on the strength of men to avenge for her. The relationship of Augustine and Christians to the city of man Augustine in the city of God believes that in actuality there are two cities there is Rome the city that has been developed by men as an economic bloc and there is the religious Rome that is a city built by God and whose foundation is Christian religion. Augustine therefore shows that there is always going to be a conflict between the way men want to harp their lives and the way they should live their lives check to the Lords commandments. Augustine wrote the book after the sacking of Rome by the Visigoths and therefore uses the book to explain that under the laws of God no one dies at a time not planned by him. In addition, that they cou ld not live their lives in fear of death more so if they did live according to the laws of God and not just the laws of man (II, 15). As men, one should not be afraid to show that they are living under the laws of the city of God even if living in a nation that does not recognizes these laws. Therefore, it is better(p) to be courageous and ready to sacrifice oneself for your convictions for God will restore you in heaven than to live constantly afraid of persecution. On the view of the life or Rome,

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