Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Psychology- theorist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Psychology- theorist - Essay ExampleThrough the above theories, gracious behavior will be properly analyzed and illustrated using one character attribute that I posses.Human behavior is explained to be the characteristic aware or subconscious activities that plurality don (Watkins, 1998). For example, I am characteristically judgmental when people do me wrong. I tend to contract that people are totally responsible for their actions and mistakes. This has been a tough issue between me and my acquaintances because I always assume the role of the judge when problems arise even in cases of accidents. The curiosity to understand why I am judgmental prompted me to turn out and understand the theories that might provide possible solutions to my investigation. The theories include the Freud, Jung, Adler, Erikson, Allport, Cattell & Eysenk, Skinner, Bandura and Mischel, Kelly, Rogers and Maslow, and Maytheories (Willingham, 2006). The theories utilize human behavior to analyze the pos sible and common precursors to the phenomenon.The following paper is an essay describing the various theories, their assumptions and considerations which will try and explain the footings why human beings adopt certain behaviors while still trying to unravel the reason why I am judgmental.Throughout the past centuries, humans have been credited with different life sentence tendencies and habits which are often considered natural. As described by Watkins (1998, p 92), a person is easily identify by his behavioral trends and habits which are unique. The reasons why people are different has been investigated and explained in skill in a number of theories. To tackle the issue adequately, certain explanations and theories will be utilized. For starters, the Freud theory that explores the terzetto human factors that surround the human personality.In his theory, Freud had utilized three levels of awareness, namely the conscious, subconscious and the precautious (Claire, 2007). He expla ins that the conscious includes only our current

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