Saturday, May 4, 2019

Charlotte Beer's CEO Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide Essay - 21

Charlotte Beers CEO Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide - Essay ExampleThis paper illustrates that Ogilvy Mather (O&M) is one of the ecumenical leading adverting agencies. When Beer took over as the new CEO and Chairman, the geological formation was on the verge of collapsing. Notably, the organization, there was a breakdown in communication channels, and the overall performance of the organization had significantly deteriorated. According to Beer, the efforts to restructure the organization back to its initial position were messy, painful and chaotic. season introducing the change within the management tier, the Brand Stewardship face enormous challenges. Beer stewardship refers to the new agency philosophy that was intended to build brands within the organization. Sadly, the philosophy was poorly understand collectible to various communication shortcomings. Firstly, when Beer took over there was great excitement and a time to predate change was ripe. In her first attempt at launchin g stewardship, she concentrated much on involving customers and investors. While this could be a strategy to regain back the lost customers and invite new investors to the organization, the need to bring on a motivated staff should have formed the primary responsibility. In addition, customers had opted out of the organization due to inconsistency and fall in products quality. Matha & Boehm state that the standards of service are proportional to the staff capability and motivation. Certainly, the sharpen should have been a direct two-way communication with the employees. In addition, Beer greatest undoing was an uncertainty of who to search help from in charting a new organization discourse. In fact, the press and companies focused on her solo effort in bringing up Beer Stewardship. Lack of teamwork and shared decision-making contributed to the slow development of the change program. In any organizational change strategy, the stakeholders must be involved in needs identification .

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