Monday, May 6, 2019

Transgender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Transgender - Essay ExampleThe discrimination rates for transgendered battalion are usually high as compared to people with other sexual orientations. The transgendered people also breast a range of legal issues more than other people do. The eradication of discrimination against transgender people is essential, because it is prejudicial and pervasive.There is a relative increase in transgendered people. Psychological research has placed focus on transgendered populations. There has been an acknowledgement of heterogeneity of transgendered communities. This has led to diversification of transgender identities. Specificity needs to be balanced in set out to accomplish diverse transgender identities. Racial and ethnic identities may affect ones mental and mental state. Gender dysphoria is the dissatisfaction with ones biological sex. This dissatisfaction may cause anxiety, depression or even restlessness. For individuals who unthaw to transition, certain psychological issues may arise. There might be fears of finding a partner, impact on relationships at home and at work. There are also violence and prejudice concerns when one discovers that they are transgendered. However, not every transgendered person is able to transition. Such individuals must learn to adapt to the tensions that are produced by gender dysphoria.Lucas Cassidy Crawford argues for an alternative subjectivity of transsexual models. Transgendered characteristics of being stuck in the wrong body are the major(ip) mode. The author observes that body modification experiences have led to the production of metaphors of territoriality. This dominant characteristic is argued to provide a radical comprehension of trans-bodily sensations. Such metaphors give value to the city and all that it guarantees (Cassidy 2014127). Crawford makes people understand that cause of the body and its environment relate to each other. The beliefs of transgendered are no longer

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