Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Strategy Management in the course Purchasing and Logistics Essay

Strategy Management in the course get and Logistics - Essay ExampleAnother strategy for them to adopt is marketing strategy which is a very effectual measure to give them an added competitive advantage in the business arena. Consequently it impart al low gear the governing body to focus on concentrating its resources on the greatest opportunities so as to boost sales and attain a sustainable competitive advantage.1Marketing strategy can be termed as a high-level ordinance involving the generals of the organization in determining how to bank and upgrade the firms strengths while taking advantage of its opponents/ competitors weaknesses. Barclaycard should therefore turn making e marketing strategy a major component of their various strategies. This is because the strategy willing define how Barclaycard will engage its clients, predictions and the overall competition in the marketing field for assured success.A marketing strategy will serve as the base of a marketing plan. The p lan contains a set of specific actions necessary to successfully implement a specific marketing strategy. For example attaching low price tags to their products so as to attract more customers. Once the organization establishes a relationship with consumers, it will sell additional, higher-margin services which will enhance the consumers interaction with the low-cost service.The marketing strategy will adequately integrate Barclaycards marketing goals, its policies, and sequences of action into a solid whole. The strategys objective will be that of providing a foundation for the development of a tactical plan, thereby allowing the e organization to efficaciously and efficiently carry out its mission. The strategy should flow from the organizations mission statement since the strategy is derived from much broader merged strategy, missions and goalsWith every marketing strategy being unique, both generic and specific strategies can be categorise in a number of ways. Michael Porter categorized the strategy on the dimensions of strategic strength and

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