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The Three Spirits in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Essay -- English Liter

The Three Spirits in devil A Christmas Carol In Dickens Ghost story A Christmas Carol we argon shown a story ofredemption. Dickens uses description, sarcasm and many other effectsto create the sudden changes of atmosphere in the novel. I for put lookat how Dickens creates such a structured book and what causes it to beso effective. However before I begin to examine Dickens methods Iwill see how each of the mysterious spirits affect boor and how heresponds to them.Ebenezer Scrooge is a miser if ever there was one - grasping andcovetous, rich and penny-pinching. Dickens describes how he keeps aclerk, Bob Cratchit, on a measly fifteen shillings a week and a verysmall fire. His only family, a nephew named Fred, tries to get him tospend Christmas with him and Scrooges only reply is Bah. Humbug.The name Scrooge itself sounds sinister in itself His name screw +gouge shows he is hard -hearted.He is visited by quadruplet spirits. The first is of his former partner,Jacob Marley, who arriv es on Christmas Eve. Jacob tells him he madehis chain link by link and his spirit is condemned to walk the earthdesperately trying to garter his swearing man to no avail. He tellsScrooge their last hope is to be visited by three Ghosts - the Ghostof Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost ofChristmas so far to tell apart. Scrooge dismisses his vision, saying theresmore of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are and goes tosleep.Scrooge is redeemed because he learns how to let his spirit walk amonghis fellow men. He shows this by becoming a better man, a bettermaster as the good old city ever knew. He reveals his progress slowlyby his actions, reactions and emotions.... the discovery that many think him a monster of a man.Scrooge finds most out about himself from this Spirit, and mixes hisjoy with his remorse and pain.The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come is perhaps the least accessiblecharacter, but the line the kind hand trembled right at the e nd ofits visit shows that it has goodwill. Its lack of violence and terrorimpresses Scrooge further. It must put the finishing touches toScrooge, ensuring he is aware of his own mortality and to encouragehim to change his life for the good.Scrooges dream is a increment process, starting from the one extreme ofan old boring humble miser, and finishing up as a model of goodwilland religious generosity. Charles Dickens achieves what he attemptedto do. With the use of humorous words and fantastic Ghosts he tells usa deep moral story which is still relevant today.

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