Friday, May 31, 2019

William F. Mays Rising to the Occasion of Our Death Essay examples --

There are three key audiences of the text for William F. Mays Rising to the Occasion of Our Death. The first audience, in this case, would be legislative organizations or lawmakers who have researched and studied similar cases regarding euthanasia. Since May was as an ethics professor at Southern Methodist University, his tone is decidedly intellectual. An unlearned individual would find it more difficult to read his essay for example, in declarations such as Advocates of active euthanasia appeal to the principle of patient autonomy, Mays syntax and tone is formal, informative, and utilizes heavy technical jargon (May 662). In other words, it is authoritative, and enables the audience to view him as a credible source due to his syntactical confidence. another(prenominal) organizations, lobbyists, or lawmakers who are researching evidence on euthanasia would certainly benefit from reading his expert opinion on the matter. Moreover, his desire to develop a judicious, modulate polic y is a certain acknowledgement that he is attempting to legally call for regulations on euthanasia (May 662). The second audience that May is appealing to are nonprogressive Christians, who are distinctively pro-life. As his article was originally published in well-circulated The Christian Century magazine, addressing this audience exposes members of Mays audience who are unfamiliar with euthanasia to its technicalities by debating morality. His tone is similar to that of a sermon instead of utilizing scientific facts or statistics, May chooses to exclude a logos appeal in favor of an ethos objective. He preaches on moral values about life and death, mentioning that the best death is not always the sudden death (May 662). According to May, preparation... ...ploying strong technical monetary value and establishing an extrinsic ethos, and exercising sub-arguments that would only benefit numerous groups of people, May strongly achieves his strategy of argument through ethos in term s of rhetorical persuasion. Works CitedAgatucci, Cara. Cora Agatuccis Toulmin-Style compend of Mays Argument. WR 122 Course Home Page. N.p., 06 Jan. 2010. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.May, William F. Rising to the Occasion of our Death. The Christian Century Jul 11 1990 662. ProQuest. Web. 31 Mar. 2014Opinion 2.21 Euthanasia. Opinion 2.21 Euthanasia. American Medical Association, June 1996. Web. 16 Mar. 2014.Perelman, Cham, and Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca. Facts, Values, and Hierarchies, The stark naked Rhetoric. N.p. n.p., n.d. PDF.The Stases and Other Rhetorical Concepts from Introduction to Academic Writing. N.p. n.p., n.d. PDF.

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