Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Evolution of Family Law in an Ever Changing Society Essay

Evolution of Family Law in an Ever Changing Society - Essay ExampleMost writers and philosophers argue that family police has evolved to suit modern society and still has to further evolve in the future generations to come. Family law deals with what are highly emotional issues objectively and legally. Despite the military force of emotion involved in many family law cases, justice must still be served to each party. Society grows with time and circumstances and as it achieves proceeds it must attain development as well. Laws regarding family life have been in place since a long time amidst the growth of a number of civilizations and kingdoms well-nigh the world and with time, these laws have been witnessing changes and amendments because what might have been accepted yesterday may not be taken well with the general public today. In yesteryears, it was considered beauteous for a man to have a number of wives in ancient societies of Greece and the Middle East. Today however, this concept has undergone a certain amount of change holding in mind the views and aspirations of women. Polygamy might still be accepted but must follow certain rules in order to be in place. In the olden times, it was enough for the older people in the family to lay down the rules to be obeyed by the younger generations.Couples tend to seek legal advice prior to their union in order to understand their financial and educational situations and whether or not they are equipped to start a family. In earlier days, arranged marriages were to a greater extent common where the parents of the newlyweds to be would meet and discuss legal matters in terms of sharing child custody, sharing finances and ownership of assets. These terms were usually negotiated with the cut backs side gaining more than the bride. However, as society evolved, so did the concept of marriage. Today, marriage is seen as a celebration of two individuals and not just their families. It is pregnant for the man and wom an themselves to seek legal advice and come to terms with each others assets and liabilities. They must have a clean slate in order to proceed with the terms of marriage as it is seen as a contract after all. New rules of negotiation involve both parties acceding their assets and liabilities to each other. In todays world, most of the times women still hold on to their apartments

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