Thursday, June 13, 2019

Parenting Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Parenting Today - Essay ExamplePlanning for a divorce is not that easy because it does not only get hold of the couples, but it also involves their children that is why it is beat out for the couple to find time to relax and plan on how they would manage their divorce. After they rush planned everything out, they have to get a line it easy and have it step-by-step. In confronting their kids, the parents need to be honest and direct to the reason why they are planning to have a divorce. It is best to clarify to the children that it is not their fault, and they have nothing to do with the divorce. Explain to them what to expect and assure to them that they will be fine. In addition, give the children the full assurance that no matter what happens, their parents will always love them. Even though, they are not living in the same roof, but still both parents will take care of them. It is an important manner for both parents to have encouraged their children to express their thoughts and emotions. In this way, both parents can listen and will know how the children are assay with the divorce, so that they can help them cope with the situation. Lastly, have an open communication with the other partner with regard to the childrens future and plans (Children and divorce, n.d.).Cases of teenage sexual conversation are relatively increasing, and one initiative done by the government is to encourage teenagers to use proper contraceptives. However, some teenagers are still engaging unprotected sex and consequently result to teenage pregnancy. As a citizen, it is good to encourage teenagers to make use contraceptives in engaging sexual intercourse or rather yet not to engage in such dangerous actions. If so, enhancing the information to the teenagers will intensify their knowledge on the said issue, and making them conscious(predicate) all the possible negative consequences of doing such

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