Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Law - Essay ExampleHowever the manner in which such transactions are to be handled often depends on the laws of country A since it was the mother country and the constitution was laid out by both of the two conflicting sides. Controversies will arise and this is why a compromise between the two sides has to be struck in order to settle the dispute amicably. b) Before the war, kingdom A had granted a minelaying concession to Dee Company for a 50-year period on land that is now within the territory of State B. That concession still has 20 years to run. State B claims that it is no endless valid. The mining concession awarded by state A to Dee Company for a 50-year period on land that is now within the territory of State B is not valid after the secession. Although the concession still has 20 years to run, State Bs claims that it is no longer valid is justified. If Dee Company is interested to continue mining on the territory of state B, then it has to sign a different concession w ith them. The two states then have to strike an agreement on how to compensate Dee Company for the remaining part of the concession since by virtue of stopping the mining, they will have profaned the terms of the contract. The mining company should also understand that the circumstance under which the contract was violated was beyond anybodys control and that its renewal is the only government agency forward. (c) Before the war, State X had concluded a treaty with State A in which State X granted State A roughly favored domain trade status. State B now claims that it is entitled to the same treatment. State B is not entitled to the most favored nation status awarded by state X to A since it may not be able to fulfill certain conditions of the status. Additionally, it is a new country and should commencement exercise looking for trade partners and not rely on the contracts made by state A because they are now two different

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