Monday, June 17, 2019

Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Organizations - Essay ExampleWhere a mechanistic organization focuses on the parts that energise the whole, innate organizations focus on the whole itself. With less focus on hierarchy and more concern with across-the-board contribution to a common concern, organic organizations tend to be much more collaborative. I think the dynamic nature of todays markets will favor the organic organization everyplace the mechanistic, and that the organic form will be the predominant form in the 21st Century.2. Discuss generic organizational design including defender, prospector, analyzer, and reactor organizations. Offer examples of the dissimilar organizations where you have worked that adopted these designs. Which type do you believe would best fit a criminal justice organization, and why?The generic organizational design hypothesis sets forth four broad categories to describe the nature of a company. The defender has more of an institutional relationship to a market or community as it us es its organizational control to ensure efficiency of production and distribution. Examples of this type of organization include McDonalds, IBM, or other standardized manufacturers. The prospector organization, as the name implies, is focused upon the realization of new opportunities and finding ways to take advantage of them. Their operations tend to be less standardizes, more diverse, and multi-process oriented. Probably any and all of the Dotcoms would be considered in the prospector category. Analyzer organizations tend to bridge the concepts of the defender and prospector developing new opportunities at the institutional level while maintaining a traditional base approach to customers and products. The analyzer organization tends to combine standardized and innovative elements into efficiency and stability. I think the LAPD is the best example of this type of

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