Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Problem Formulation and Identification Paper Essay - 3

Problem Formulation and Identification Paper - Essay Example Experts have indicated that problem formulation and identification styles are diverse in terms of their approaches; however, all the styles are similar in terms of five stages, which are problem identification, solutions identification, evaluation stage, prospects of failures, steps for overcoming impediments, and lastly, plan for the implementation of decisions taken in the previous stages. (Mumford, 2006) However, condition assessment, problem analysis, scrutiny of decision, and opportunity analysis are some of major components of the chosen style of Kepner-Tregoe, which distinguished it from other problem identification and formulation styles. In brief, priorities are established and complex situations in an organization are clarified for effective identification of problems in such approach. (Vandenbosch, 2003) Moreover, potential threats are located by extensive examination of business environment, which is one of the key tasks of this style. Subsequently, problematic situations without any reason are identified during problem analysis stage of this style, and different causes of problems are analyzed by considering location, identity, and enormity in the organization that may facilitate in efficient determination of actual causes of the problems, which is one of the significant strengths of this style. Consequently, such style gives utmost significance to purpose behind every decision, which helps in determining possible risks associated with the decision. Balance is maintained during decision analysis in which, positive and negative consequences of a decision are compared by outlining the possible factors. Lastly, effective measures are taken to avoid any problems that are foreseen in previous stage of the problem identification process. (Mumford, 2006) Additionally, different opportunities are identified that can be taken for

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