Thursday, August 8, 2019

Q4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Q4 - Essay Example When some partners do not avail essential information for use in the measurement of ROI, the process becomes more complex. This is an issue that mainly affects the inter-organizational systems whose returns are not quantifiable (Jones and Price, 2004). The human resources involved in data collection may not be competent in some organizations. The inconsistency of data in different partners is a major drawback for the process of ROI measurement. On the other hand, the complex models applied in the measurement and the formulas in some cases are puzzling to the human resources, thereby making it impossible to come up with perfect results. This problem occurs due to lack of user friendly methods of measuring ROI. Garware Polyester Ltd. is among the organizations that have failed in the measurement of ROI in inter-organizational systems implementation. In this case, the problem was the fact that information systems provide both tangible and intangible benefits, and it impossible to accura tely provide data for the intangible gains (Parr and Shanks, 2000). 2. What are the major services offered by IS service providers in the customization of inter-organizational IS implementations? Please provide examples from your organization or an organization you are familiar.   Customization involves setting up of the new software in the organizations so that the parameters so that they can match the requirements of the business. In an inter-organizational IS implementation, the presence of the IS service provider is important to ensure that the systems are user friendly. After customization that requires highly specialized skills, the IS providers, for example Allied Learning Solutions presents the users of the IS with software that assists them in learning (Nebraska and Fox, 2003). This is important in ensuring that the human resources in

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