Thursday, September 12, 2019

Improving Organisational Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 3

Improving Organisational Performance - Essay Example While these practices are not exactly new, this area of management differs in its deliberate introduction of bundled practices to improve performance of the organisation gradually (Cappelli & Neumark, 2012: p31). Normally, organisations will align these practices with their strategic objectives, specifically by aligning workforce output and organisational performance. This paper aims to analyse high performance work practices in relation to two case studies: Data Connections and Pannone & Partners, which are computer software services and legal services firms. The two companies’ business strategies differ in that Pannone & Partners seeks balanced growth for competitive advantage, while Data Connections seeks to improve business performance through quality delivery and acquisition of world-class talent. Both companies will be analysed in relation to how they apply various strategies in their approach to high performance work performance. These strategies are integration of HPWP with other HR practices, commitment and reward, employee training and skills needs, and high employee involvement. Performance management refers to a process through which employees and managers work in tandem to monitor, plan, and review the employee’s overall contribution and work objectives and involves continuous setting of objectives, provision of on-going feedback and coaching, and assessment of progress to ensure that workers meet career goals and objectives (Ashdown, 2014: p41). One of the theories that underpin performance management is goal theory, which highlights three core mechanisms that link performance outcomes to goals. These goals direct attention to the organisation’s priorities, stimulate efforts, and challenge employees to user skills and knowledge to enhance their success. This theory specifically emphasises the review and feedback and agreement of objectives aspects of PM (Aguinis, 2011: p28). Control theory, on the other

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