Thursday, September 12, 2019

Special populations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Special populations - Essay Example e cost that are involved with it are subtracted .Mostly this analysis puts great emphasis on monetary value unlike cost effective analysis (Brent, 2003). The outcomes of this program are based on both cost effective perspective and cost benefit perspective. Under the cost effective perspective ,the aim of the program is to sensitize those that are trying to battle with alcohol or drug abuse and those who are fearing or do not want to deal with this problem in their lives, under this program the organization does not intent to benefit from the program either directly or indirectly but rather it aims to change the lives of those who are affected by this problem, by investing its financial resources in various programs that are geared towards assisting the affected people. The outcomes of the financial investments in the programs are usually measured against the responses and the effectiveness of the programs i.e. the ratio of change against its effects in the programs. Also ,the aim of this organization is to evaluate the impact of the awareness against what they have invested in the awareness and the result that are obtained may be us ed to help or benefit other organizations or communities(Brent ,2003 ) at the button on their website (get help now) assists them to measure the response against the investment in the program hence though this ,the organization is able to tell how people are responding to their campaigns and the statistics may be used for future reference (Levin, & McEwan ,2000).This program has been able to help most military men and women who are coming out of their work to be able to adjust to the outside live and not to turn to drug and alcohol abuse as their consolation. Some of the services offered to the military by the organization include; guidance and counseling where the programs aim is to advice those living the military on how to accept the outside world away from the military duties, and educate them on the challenges

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