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English Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

English - Term Paper Example Colgate toothpaste has over 50 year’s longstanding history, sold by the company in 1963 after the death of its founder, William Colgate. It was the first to develop fluoride in preventing tooth decay and cavities. Colgate serves as a breakthrough scientifically and it has been a trusted product ever since. It is the leader, globally, in personal care products including toothpastes and toothbrushes. It has made dental hygiene advancements, strengthened its leadership in manual toothbrushes with its global market share reaching 31.6% year to date. I have decided to evaluate the product in the following ways (Tim, 2013). To begin with, in developing a marketing plan several things ought to be done in order to get Colgate to the right consumers. They include eyeing the target audience, identifying the competition, deciding where to make the product available, the means of promoting the product and the selling price of the product. The target market is very broad in offering the or al care of a product. Colgate offers a complete product line, including items for children and these expands their target market. Therefore, the audience that Colgate needs to reach would be all people regardless of the age, their income level, gender, the ethnicity, education level, the occupation or even geographic location, as long as they have the need of oral care and of course have teeth. The next step is the decision on where to sell the product line. The obvious one is making it available in grocery stores, the neighborhood stores, and large superstores around the world. It should be able to reach everyone. A comprehensive and complete analysis of Colgate, one of the leading products company in the world includes overview of products industry of the consumer, analyzing the company itself and a PEST analysis. The company analysis includes the history of the product, a business analysis operates at looking at the organizations structure, a geographical analysis, an analysis of the major competitors like the Gillette company, the Crest, , and the church and Dwight company. With any product, there comes competition possibility. Colgate should closely keep an eye on its competitors, so that the product is able to counteract the activities that the competitors might do. Competitors for Colgate include Crest, Aim, aqua fresh, close-up, and several others, although the largest competition is Crest. The price of the product also sets a customer’s mind in the perspective of the quality and effectiveness of the product. The classification of the product is depends on the needs of the consumer and the consumer’s perceptions. The consumers may consider it as a homogenous or heterogeneous. In the homogeneous perspective, all toothbrushes perform the same work and therefore, they go with the lowest price. In the heterogeneous perspective, products are effective and have quality. I have had my own experience with Colgate. I had gum problems, gingivitis t o be precise and Colgate has helped me considerably. I had changed toothpaste brands because of an acute shortage of Colgate in my town and my gums ached so badly. Luckily, I got a pack of three and as soon as I brushed, my bad breath and gum pain were gone. Moreover, up to date, I have not had issues with my gums so I believe its effects are long lasting. From reviews of mouth, Mayas from India says that Colgate is the best for him; it gives strong teeth, healthy gums, and very good breath. He says that lack of attention

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