Sunday, October 6, 2019

Human Sexuality Topic (You can pick one from the sample topics in the Research Paper

Human Sexuality Topic (You can pick one from the sample topics in the instructions) - Research Paper Example des the acceptance of homosexuality into the society that involves sexual attraction to the same gender and in this case, the relationship between two males. Developing an understanding of this sexual orientation is important because there is conflicting literature regarding its existence. While there is a school of thought that believes homosexuality is as a result of genetic predisposition, opponents to this sexual orientation view it as behavioral. Homosexuality has been there since time in memorial and is now a visible reality within the society as another form of sexual orientation. In respect to ethical considerations, the question that linger in minds of many people emanate from a secular versus a religious point of view regarding same sex attractions. In the religious circles, homosexuality is a sin considering the belief that God’s plan for sexual relationships was between a man and a woman (Guittar and Pals 53). However, from a secular point of view every person has a right to choose the sexual orientation he or she desires. In secular terms, the society is liberal and nobody should question the behavior of another person as this amount to invading privacy. However, while homosexuals consider  their sexual orientation  as  normal behavior, the question that lingers in mind of many is why they hide their sexual orientation. In case it is a normal occurrence. Homosexuals are not always open and free about their sexual orientation partly because of personal reasons or fear of stigmatization. The topic of homosexuality is an important area of discussion because it is part and parcel of the modern society and in some western countries homosexuality is now legal. In this respect, it is important to understand the origins of homosexuality so as to avoid the conflict being witnessed between religious and secular views regarding homosexuality (Wright and Bae 492). While homosexuality has existed for ages, it is a sexual orientation that no one likes to talk

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