Saturday, February 29, 2020

An individual reflection about the course of Advanced Project Essay

An individual reflection about the course of Advanced Project Management - Essay Example Some other authors also define project management in a different and impressive way that the use of expertise, skills and the most important intellectual capital for the execution of any task (What is Project Management 2012). Therefore, it is clear that either a project manager or a team member both require certain set of strengths and expertise. If they have any weakness then at least they should be capable to find out ways to overcome that particular weakness. Projects may fail or may achieve their goals and objectives. There might be a list of reasons behind success and failure of any project. It is important to sort out these reasons so that project managers can behave accordingly. In this essay, the main objective is to find out the ways of implications of different models and theories, which we learn in the course work of advance project management, in our personal daily life projects as individual and as a project manager. The course work increases our self-awareness about our own strengths and weaknesses. In addition to that, it is also important to know that how we can use our skills, expertise and talents to handle all the coming hurdles and challenges. It is also necessary to know that how we can overcome our weakness and thus facing the world and their challenges. Project management is a vast field covering many aspects, which are really needed for the success of the task or the project. The importance of personal strengths and weaknesses is vital for the success and failure of the task (Palmer 2014). Here it is to be noted that personal strength and weakness analysis is necessary for both the workers and the project manager. A project manager should be strong enough to command and control the whole team of workers and the activities. If a project manager fails to control the project and the activities then there is always a risk of resource wastage and ultimately the failure of the

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