Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Business Systems Analysis and Design Coursework

Business Systems Analysis and Design - Coursework Example As a result to this change we had to come up with a system to help the Buckie Company in collecting this information. The system was to incorporate both a database and was supposed to web based. Scope The system is supposed to allow for the recording of different equipment that the company uses. It is also supposed to allow for the different reporting as stipulated by the owner. Overview The project maintains two levels of users:- 1. Administrators Level: Managers 2. User Level: Data Entry Operator System Analysis Analysis of the system was carried out by prior studying the existing manual system within the organization. Questionnaires were given to the different people who were involved in the running of the manual system. People were first told the importance of the new system and why they needed to answer the questions correctly. The management was involved in coming up with the requirement of the system. Here, they were asked to give suggestions of how the system should look like and the functionalities it is supposed to give. After collecting these requirements, the team visited a neighboring company that had a similar system to learn how it was working. We learnt the flaws in the system so that we would not repeat the same mistakes in the system. This led to coming up with the requirement of the system. ... Maintaining records of Electricity at Work. 2. Maintaining records on Hygiene inspections. 3. Records of gas equipments and pressure after they are tested. 4. Record on all the stocks annually. Main reports that the system is supposed to give. 1. Annual reports on all the stock available at the close of the year. 2. Producing a schedule of inspections to carried out and record the outcome each month. 3. A monthly report of inspections is made and equipment status after the inspection. Goals of the proposed system 1. Improved on a planned way for the company to carry out its activities- Due to the structured way of the system workers will be forced to follow a certain procedure while carrying out the different activities. This will make sure any activity does not skip any of the stipulated steps. 2. Accuracy- The system will ensure the record on the inventory is correct because of the need of passwords and usernames before any person makes any changes within the system. This will ensu re that no items that can be removed from within the system due to fear of being identified on the auditing period. 3. Reliability- the system will be reliable because there will be data backup from system each day on the close of the business. This will ensure no data loss happens in the future in case of fires or any malicious damage by any worker. 4. Storage of a large amount of information allowing for data mining; The system will ensure data from different years will be available allowing easier analyzing of data in future. This analysis would be cheaper if everything had been stored on papers. 5. Easy to operate- easiness will be ensured in the system because of usage of the graphical user interface. This will ensure workers with only basic

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