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Mid Term Essay

I affirm that the attached work is entirely my own, barely where the words or ideas of other writers are specific anyy ac humpledged agree to accepted citation conventions. This assignment has not been submitted for any other way of life at Robert Kennedy College or any other institution. I cook revised, edit and proofread this piece. I certify that I am the author of this paper and that any assistance I received in its preparation is amply acknowledged and fully disclosed in this paper (examination).I subscribe to too cited any sources (footnotes or extirpatenotes) from which I used data, ideas, theories, or words, whether quoted straight off or paraphrased. I further acknowledge that this paper has been prepared by me specific tout ensembley for this course. MIDTERM ASSESSMENT Q1. 70 Points Understanding Human expression is critical to organizations argue the benefits of ego evaluation/ ego-importance-importance assessment as it relates to loss draws today. Q2. 30 Points Prejudice abide be hurtful and soul-destroying discuss how you nookie person all in ally reduce prejudice in your oeuvre please offer up an example.Understanding Human Behavior is critical to organizations discuss the benefits of self evaluation/self assessment as it relates to leaders today. As the world is be culmination to a greater extent dependent on electronic gadgets, its becomes more than difficult to hold a face to face discussion or cont make a motions with the lot we work with. These bugger off made it more important to deduce the behavior of the masses we work with and more critical to any private instructor that wants to be successful in his organization.For a leader to fully infer Human behavior, that person postulate to first do what is called self assessment. macrocosm self aware allows sensation to recognize and improve their strength and failing in order to maximize their leadership potential Discovering your genuine Leadership, Harvar d Business freshen February 2007 page 3 Human behaviors are essentialiness predictable if ane stupefy taken time to sturdy another(prenominal) person.In organizational Behavior 15th edition by Stephen and Timothy page 11 Behavior is generally predictable and the systematic study of behavior is a means to making reasonable accurate predictions Self evaluation is a major factor towards becoming a goodish enough leader, because this evolves looking at oneself so that all aspect that is important are identified and evaluated. As a leader you need to know your capacity and ability. The oxford dictionary defines self assessment as an evaluation of oneself or actions, altitudes or performance.As the exposition implies there are s ever soal ways that a leader can buoy evaluate his or her performance. In Harvard Business review of 2007 with the title discovering your Authentic leadership page 5 eight key questions are asked, and this I believe if well understood can benefit a leade r today. And help to develop a better self evaluation mechanism. The mass and experience in your early life have a great(p) impact on an individual, As a leader knowing where your coming from is very important and this makes you to compare note to with were you want to be in the future.Self evaluation will help you know if progress is be made and were more motions are required. As a modern leader you need to be systematic in your assessment, with break over overrating your s bulges, this can be done through your pears subordinates by way of asking questions that brings out the honest answers from them. Arrogance should not have a part in these for your survival depends on their honest response.Every leader most have values, HBR in discovering you Authentic leadership page 4 says The value that forms the bag for Authentic leadership are derived from your beliefs and convictions, but you will not know what your true values are until they are tested under mechanical press level must time volume say Nothing will ever make me change my mind scarce to shift ground when such(prenominal) pressure are mounted on us, In other wars pressure is what refines our true vales, and when self evaluation is applied the value that you have or come out with unshaken is your true value.A leader is also motivated to act by one action or the other, self assessment will help you to know your motivation, does it come from the inside or the outside? Knowing the answers will help you to discover yourself. Most people waste there life leaving a programmed life, and not having satisfaction, single when they do things out of motivation will they truly be happy. Youre Family, friends, workmates and neighbors all reflect the kind of a leader one is so in the process of self assessments one needs to evaluate all to be sure whether the right set of people are what he has around him.Success is a aggroup work we are all interdependent on each other. Another area of leadership self awa reness is on consistence, Do I double speck? A leader should be known as one who is constant in all situations that confronts him, and make sure everyone within the organization is carried along on most activities. A leader should assess his personality to see if he owns up to his mistake, leaders are human, they make mistakes and should accept correction.Leaders need to make out time for themselves and family. Having done a proper self assessment as a leader am ever more determined to develop a system and process were talented people are attracted and aligned to be future leaders. No individual action can mate the pleasure of leading a group of people to achieve a worthy goal. When you cross the finish line together, all pain and suffering you may have experienced quickly vanishes HBR discovering you bona fide leadership page 8.In conclusion every leader must do some kind of self assessment boundaryically for procession this in true reflects in the person the quality of a good leader. Q2. Prejudice can be hurtful and destructive discuss how you can personally reduce prejudice in your workplace please provide an example. All human being are born free and equal in dignity and right, they are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. obligate 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human right.Despite this well articulate statement, Prejudice is still a universal problem, we all are disfavor in one way or the other, but for us to be good leaders we all need to work hard in other to reduce prejudice in our work place. As a step towards reducing prejudice one has to acknowledge that it really exists. It is exclusively when we accept it existence can we start to discuss way to end or reduce prejudice. Prejudgment becomes prejudice only if they are not reversible when exposed to new knowledge says the book the Nature of prejudice.And only the type of contacts that lead people together is likely to result i n changed attitudes. According to the report UNISCO against Racism education could be a wanted tool in the struggle against new form of racism, discrimination and projection having this fine idea before us should make us more aware of our responsibilities. The book Understanding Prejudice and discrimination says. Perhaps they must important conclusions to emerge from prejudice research are 1. No one capable of human thoughts and speech is immune from harboring prejudice.It often takes deliberate effort and awareness to reduce prejudice and 3. With sufficient motivation it can be done As a business owner I have I have synchronized the research work into my working environments. And this have reduced Prejudice in our organization, My country Nigeria is a multi ethnic and culturally diversified nation with more than three hundred ethnic groups. mustiness time working with people of different ethnic groups can be challenging if once does not do away with his pre conceived thoughts ab out another tribe.As an IGBO specking person I have come not to prize that any other tribe is inferior to mine. So during recruitment we do not discriminate or apply mono-ethnic sentiments, rather we appreciate the mixed bag and uniqueness of our individuality. So everybody who performs well is given the opportunity to work with us. I have also made sure that each project team is not mono-ethnic so that they can all learn from their diversity and this have really reduce the level of prejudice in our work place.I have notice a staff who was once very prejudice about an individual from another ethnic group being good friends after they worked together on a project for a period of time, when I asked about his the new closeness and friendship with the person he was once prejudiced about he simple replied ignorance can kill. This was because by working with the individual as project team penis he came to realize that the person has a very good pattern and very hardworking too agains t what he previously thought.

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